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Research Journal of Accounting and Management

Research Journal of Accounting and Management (RJAM) is a double-blind peer-reviewed and multidisciplinary academic journal. The journal focuses on the following topics: accounting, cost accounting, financial accounting, management accounting, government accounting, auditing, human resource management, strategic management, higher education governance, globalization, managing change, organizational management, national resources management, risk and crisis management, tourism industry management, entrepreneurship management, marketing management, IT industry management, production management, Total Quality Management. The Journal also focuses on the accounting and management research design and methods. 

RJAM provides an academic path to researchers, academics, professionals, and postgraduate students from around the world and more particularly within the region of Asia Pacific regions for contributing significant works within the areas mentioned above. For these purposes, RJAM welcomes only original and full-length articles reflecting current trends and practices within such areas.

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